Commissioning and Start up

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Commissioning & Startup

Tracon is well experienced in commissioning activities and can provide the in-depth experience, with qualified personnel, necessary to deliver a safely commissioning and ready to achieve a successful start up.

Our Capabilities

Preparatory Works (Home Office Activities)
  • Tool For Measurement and Reporting of Pre-comm & Comm. Activities, Progress, Preparation of Details (planning, etc).
  • Turnover Management System (CWPMS) Operating Manual
  • Inspection, Punch – List Issuing, Utilities Comm, Cleaning Non Operating Adjustment, Motor run-in, Catalyst, Internal Inspective, Etc.
  • Ready For Commissioning Certificate
  • Cooling Water Start Up, Spring Hangers Check, Operating Adjustment, Purging, Drying, Pressure Test, etc.
  • Ready For Start Up Certificate
Start Up
  • Oil In
  • Ready For Performance Test
Performance Test
  • Conduct Performance Test
  • Provisional Acceptance Certificate